Thursday, February 25, 2010

Slow Me, Mamma Mia and Wedding Collection

You aren't going to believe, but I just saw Mamma Mia. Yeah, I know I'm slow. :) I didn't want to watch it. I resisted. I didn't go to the Vegas show either...

Why? That's very simple. I LOVE ABBA. I enjoy their songs, I admire their fantastic energy, and I didn't wish to see all this ruined and spoilt, as it often happens (can you name at least one REALLY good remake?).

But I have to say: today it happened. And I LOVE this movie! Meryl Streep, I'd gladly give you all the Oscars in the world. You're incredible!.. Pierce Brosnan? Bad actor (imho, of course!), but oh God, he's handsome, and this black polo shirt and white pants... Colin Firth? I better stop here, or else... Lucky, Lucky Livia.. :)

Well, and now to the point. I'm starting to work on a wedding collection that appeared in my mind while watching. They will be all knit/crochet accessories, and I even have ideas for knit/crochet wedding gowns. What do you think? Crazy me? :)


  1. i love this movie to so funny and love the plot and moral of it (:


  2. I really like that movie. The live show is great as well. Looking forward to see what you make!