Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's fall!

It's fall. Finally...

If you haven't had a chance to "enjoy" summer in Las Vegas, you don't know what real summer is all about. Well, some of my friends claim they do, but I believe our local summer is the most "summery" summer of them all. 120 exhausting degrees, no rains, no even clouds - and lots of orders for the cold season! :)

Good news is that we finally have fall! Yellow leaves appear here and there, winds begin to get fresh, bringing some slight relief...

I love fall! Those chilly mornings and sunny days, warm and bright colors of rust and gold, fantastic sunsets... Awesome!

And of course it's time to think holidays! All things pumpkin, spooky and yummy. This is what I have for the coming season.



Warm terracotta, soft green and yummy brown. Available in all children, teen and adult sizes. 

Not a fan of hats? Try this Jockey Hat!

Many colors, all the sizes available!